RAU and Turntoo are on the move!

Uitzicht Krijn TaconiskadeAfter 21 years of growing up at the KNSM island, RAU is now spreading its wings to a new home. RAU and Turntoo will continue our missions at a new island: IJburg, where we will advance on innovative architectural projects together with our customers. From July 1st we welcome you at our new office: Krijn Taconiskade 436, 1087 HW Amsterdam. Phone numbers, mailing address and e-mail addresses will remain the same. We are looking forward to welcome you at our new office and continue our work together. With a great view to enjoy, as that will remain just as amazing.

(Nederlands) Persrondleiding vernieuwd gemeentehuis Zeist

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eBook product is service


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Films about the development of Zeist town hall

The Municipality of Zeist has documented the development of its renewed town hall in two films. The first film is a mini documentary about the development process and includes interviews with mayor Jannssen, and architects Thomas Rau and Dorte Kristensen.

De second film shows the construction of the building in a time lapse of 35 seconds.

(Nederlands) Opening gemeentehuis Zeist


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(Nederlands) Bouw dak Alliander hoofdkantoor gestart

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Interior town hall Zeist on streetview

Het interieur van Gemeentehuis Zeist is op Google Streetview te bezichtigen

The renewed town hall of Zeist was completed in late 2013 and will be festively opened in the week from 10 to 15 February. An extension by RAU integrates three generations of town hall buildings into a new whole. The interior was designed by Atelier PRO. In case you don’t live in Zeist, it’s possible to visit the builing virtually.

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Thomas Rau ranked Nr. 4 in Dutch Sustainable 100

Top 4 of the Trouw 2013 Sustainable 100

The renowned Dutch national newspaper Trouw today published the Sustainable 100 of 2013. This annual list provides an overview of the Top 100 sustainable doers, thinkers and innovators in the Netherlands. For the third time in a row, Marjan Minnesma, director of Urgenda, is ranked number 1. The top three of the list is unchanged and includes Paul Polman (2) and Maurits Groen (3). Thomas Rau rose from 18th place in 2012 to an impressive number 4 position this year. Dutch astronaut Wubbo Ockels is regarded as thé sustainable figure in the Netherlands based on his high ranking each consecutive year. Added together, Ockels has the highest allover score out of the hundreds of ‘green professionals’ from which the jury chooses annually.

The jury explained Thomas Rau fourth place as follows: With his architectural firm RAU Thomas Rau manages to a give a new boost to todays economy. The current throwaway economy, where everything has only one life, must be transformed into a circular economy. Nothing needs to be lost, so is his motto. “Within circular building we make a distinction between the raw materials value of a building and its value of use. As a user, you only pay for the performance during a certain period. The building materials remain the property of the manufacturer. At the end of the usage period he gets them all back and remains responsible for them.” With his platform Turntoo Thomas Rau explores this business model further for other sectors as well.

With his (inter)national lectures Rau contributes to the current debate about resource scarcity. His commitment to the transition to a Circular Economy has also not gone unnoticed. With Turntoo he has put the deed to the word. The high ranking is also a recognition of the range of innovative sustainable architecture RAU has designed in the past twenty years. The office has developed itself from designing zero energy buildings (WWF Zeist 2006) to energy-producing buildings (Christiaan Huygens College Eindhoven in 2010 and Woopa Lyon 2011) and is currently investigating circular architecture in which buildings operate as raw-materials depots (Townhall Brummen 2013).

Sustainable 100 of Dutch national newspaper Trouw

(Nederlands) Duurzaamheidsfabriek op Leerpark Dordrecht officieel geopend

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(Nederlands) Gemeentehuis Brummen officieel geopend en winnaar Award Duurzame Architectuur 2013

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