Bruto oppervlakte: 19.500 m2
Status: Opgeleverd
Programma: Kantoor, logistiek centrum
Periode: 2015-2018
Opdrachtgever: Eosta
I.s.m.: Interieur: Ex-interior, Stedenbouw: Ontwerpburo Bert Huls, Bouwmanagement: Systabo bv, Bouwfysica: Aveco bv, Fotograaf: Marcel van der Burg


Located in the Logistiek Park A12 in Waddinxveen, the building is divided between two main spaces: a 3500 m2 office and a 16.500 m2 hal.

This is the new logistic center that VolkerWessels Vastgoed and VolkerWessel logistic realized to host the activities of Eosta, distributor of biological fruits and vegetables. Being the motto of Eosta “where ecology meets economy”, the design of the building moves from the principles of circular economy and reflects the focus of the company on transparency and sustainability, both economical and social.

The office spaces have large floor-to-ceiling windows and a 36 m2 skylight that allows the daylight to reach deeply inside the building via an open atrium, while the excess in heat is avoided via the use of high performance glass and wooden canopies.  This not only creates an healthier and more pleasant work environment, but reduces the need of artificial light.

The necessary appliances are not only partially powered by the 11.000 m2 of PV panels located on the roof of the hal, but in the case of all lighting devices (LED) they are directly provided from the supplier, who keeps their ownership.

Applying RAU’s approach to circular economy and end of ownership, in fact, Eosta is not buying lamps, but ‘light hours’ where Philips Lighting provides light instead of simply light bulbs. This leads to a modular and demountable installation where ideally nothing is discarded after use.

Another of RAU’s vision for circular economy applied in the project is the one of buildings as a deposit of materials, available in the future for an easy reuse. That’s why the facility plans are designed with the maximum flexibility, to be adaptable for the needs of different users in the future, and easily dismountable. Also, to further underline the attention of the company for the environment in which is located the rain water is collected, to be reused in the greenhouses in the surrounding area.